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Podcasts and Poetry

An NPR story talks about how “Podcasts Are Providing A New Way Into Poetry” for listeners.  I have been listening to podcasts since 2005 when iTunes made them more accessible via subscriptions in their software.

Today, there are more ways to subscribe and listen. iTunes still works and many podcasts are available on a website. I prefer listening and downloading ones to listen to later using Stitcher on my phone or tablet. It’s a free app and almost all podcasts are also free.

Besides my daily doses of news and many interview programs that I am listening to all week, I subscribe to a variety of programs devoted to poetry. You can do a search for them in whatever app you decide to use.
Here are my current top 5 favorites.
  1. The Slowdown – Former Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith does this on weekdays. She opens with a personal essay and then reads someone’s poem that relates to that topic. Highly recommended.
  2. Poetry Off the Shelf – poets, poems, poetry topics from The Poetry Foundation
  3. The New Yorker: Poetry – Hosted by poetry editor Kevin Young. A guest poet selects and reads a poem from the magazine by someone else and also one of their own.
  4. The Poetry Magazine Podcast – Poetry magazine’s editors go inside the new issue and talk to poets who read their contributions.
  5. The Writer’s Almanac – I start each day with this 5-minute podcast hosted by Garrison Keillor who reviews events that occurred on this day in history – some literary, some not – and then reads a poem.