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A Constellation of Kisses

A Constellation of Kisses, is a brand new anthology edited by Diane Lockward.  The song says that “A kiss is just a kiss,” but poets often remind us that a kiss is rarely just a kiss. Lockward has assembled over 100 poems about kisses written by many of our best contemporary poets.

You’ll find kisses longed for, kisses auditioned, kisses rehearsed, ritualistic kissing, delicious kissing. There is kissing that comforts the grieving. Kissing that blesses a union.

Kisses in this anthology may be romantic or funny or comforting or erotic or mournful–and more.

We may hope that kissing always begins in delight and keeps on being delightful. But the truth, of course, is otherwise. This is, after all, a constellation of kisses.

May there be no end to the most genuine kisses, the right kisses, the ones that are good and meant for us to savor. And while we’re at it, let’s wish for no end to poems about kissing. (from the Foreword by Lee Upton)

Full Disclosure: A poem of mine is included in this anthology.